The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences was founded in 1998.

To help drive the creative, technical, purpose-driven & professional progress of the Internet and evolving forms of digital media. The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences award shows recognize the best of the Internet and beyond..

About The

An international organization, The Academy selects the Nominees and Winners for The Webby Awards and The Lovie Awards—the leading honors for the Internet and individual achievement in technology and creativity.

Presented by The Academy, The Webbys and The Lovies recognizes excellence in digital creativity, establishing best practices on a yearly basis—continually pushing the standards of web development higher.

Through year-round online and offline events and content series, we encourage people inside and outside the industry to share ideas and information to create a better Internet.


  1. Recognize

    To recognize and acknowledge excellence on the Internet across emerging technologies.

  2. Connect

    A diverse group of luminaries who facilitate growth and development in the digital arts and sciences.

  3. Educate

    Share our expertise to help build a better Internet.



Executive Members include over 1000 individuals including inventor of the Internet Vint Cerf, co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone, founder of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and co-founder of Refinery29 Piera Gelardi.

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Associate Members include former Webby Award Winners, Nominees and other Internet professionals. Members also include writers and editors from publications such as VICE Media, Refinery29 & The New York Times.

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Our European Members, who judge The Lovie Awards, are gathered from top web and creative networks, content publishers, and cultural or political organizations, including Stephen Fry, TomTom Co-Founder Corinne Vigreux and musician Imogen Heap.

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