Mike Edgell

VP, Video Creative Director at 76 Brand Films

Associate member
Region - Canada


See Mike Edgell's work here: www.76brandfilms.com Direct link to reel: https://vimeo.com/129913815

Trusted to tell stories for major agencies and brands including Allstate, GM, Toyota, Qualcomm, RBC, Rogers, Sport Chek, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson.

Creative Director, digital Director-Producer, EP and multi-platform storyteller Mike Edgell writes, directs and produces video content and online commercials for major brands and agencies. He also leads creative strategy. A recent branded YouTube spot he wrote, directed, produced has 8 million views.

He works across NA, shooting web films in Toronto, New York, SF, LA and places in between. He directed a global video campaign, including the online Superbowl ads for a major brand. After being honoured twice, he was named a judge by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. From network TV to digital.

Mike spent 15 years in the broadcast industry, including 11 years in television for CBC, CHUM/CITY, and Global. He was responsible for all of Global's network content at the Beijing Olympics, plus the Winter Games in Italy.

He knows sport and culture, having profiled pro athletes and the world's greatest entertainers. Known for his innovative storytelling and creative production skills, Mike has covered many significant events around the world, including life in South Africa post-apartheid, volatile Presidential elections in Mexico, a shooting rampage which killed four police officers, and hurricanes across Texas, Louisiana and Florida. He covered Barack Obama's Inauguration in Washington and the US President's first visit to Canada. Along the way, Mike captured the essence countless personalities including Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Jay Leno, Bill Gates, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Brett Favre, and will.i.am. His piece on stolen military weapons was a finalist for the CAJ's top investigative award.

Creativity, craft and storytelling.