Fiorucci Fabienne

Creative Director at DARE.WIN

Associate member since 2018
Region - France


Fabienne Fiorucci is a Creative Director at Dare.Win Paris and Berlin. She began as a copywriter, trained at Young&Rubicam Paris, before joining Damien, her art director at TBWA\ Paris.

In 2014, she joined Dare.Win Paris also passionate about user-centric ideas that reach receptive people wherever they are. In an ever evolving communication landscape, being able to think of ideas not through the medium but through the usage is key; whether it is on social media, websites, bills, mailboxes, etc.

In 2015, she became associate creative director and still strive to cultivate her 'hackvertising' culture picked up at Dare.Win by rethinking habits and platform usage through big, bold and impactful mobile first ideas.

Thanks to a true digital expertise built during the 6 last years, the duo has received Epica Awards, Cannes Lions, Eurobest, FWA, Awwwards and Shorty Awards for work they've done for Netflix, Spotify, NBCUniversal, to name a few.

She worked for the summer campaign of Spotify, using the data users and make increase Spotify utilisation during summer.

In parallel, Fabienne is also teacher in a creative school at Paris, jury for The Canada Media fund, and speaker for gender equality events.

At 28 and 29, Fabienne and Damien are the youngest French executive creative directors. They really believe in being a part of the new advertising generation, the generation that ad-blocks, fast-forwards through any publicity and pays for Netflix. They’re at their best when they’re trying to understand the culture of their clients in order to respond creatively to any problem they bring us.

“Damien and Fabienne have always been top creatives who have a level of understanding of something that is all too rare these days: how modern consumers behave. In other words, an awareness of the fact that today we are more and more resistant to the pressure of traditional advertising,” explains Wale Gbadamosi-Oyekanmi, founder of Dare.Win. “This special understanding has continually added an extra shine to our projects ever since their arrival. Who better, therefore, to head up the creative mission of an agency which loves challenging the status quo!”