Shawn Ahmed

Queer Muslim Activist at The Uncultured Project

Associate member since 2018
Region - Canada


A queer Muslim who built a Catholic school in Bangladesh with some help from a Rabbi. Creator of "The Uncultured Project" - an early pioneering social media project which leveraged online storytelling and crowdfunding to tell stories which made a difference.

Accomplishments include helping over 10,000 children receive health care in Bangladesh in collaboration with Save the Children, providing over 10,000 pounds of food to the Los Angeles Food Bank, clean water projects in Bangladesh, wheelchairs for disabled students in Kenya, and multiple interfaith school construction projects.

Honored by both The World Economic Forum and The Webby Awards, Shawn is now based in Canada after receiving numerous death threats from Islamist-sympathizers since coming out as a gay Muslim. Shawn continues his work to tell stories that make a difference.